No hiding chic at Uber Chic!

Dustin Rowser and Christian Brady
Uber Chic Home
Lives in/Business located:
Park City, UT/Park City, UT and Los Angeles
This will be Bonanza vendor appearance:
Specializes in:
European antiques and American industrial finds


Favorite activity besides junking:
laying on the beach!

Would save if the workshop were on fire:
a few family antiques with sentimental value

You knew you were a junker when:
Chris started when he was 3, living in Europe with his parents. I knw later on; actually, after I attended my first flea market with Chris. I was hooked.
Three words that describe you:
enthusiastic, friendly, adventuresome
Three words that describe your product:
unique, eclectic, chic
You knew it would sell immediately when you found it:
Ice cream tins. We found 300 of the most amazing, old metal ice cream tins. They were about 2.5 feet tall, 10 inch circumference and absolutely amazing! We sold all of them within a month…except the ones I stashed for myself, of course!

You scream, I scream, we all scream for great junk!
Luckily, we know where we can find it!

See you in Shakopee, in just a few short weeks!


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