Sommers Breeze is a breath of fresh junking air!

Lisa Sommers
Sommers Breeze Antiques
Lives in/Business located:
We live hidden in the country, alongside the Amish in south-central Wisconsin. then, once winter makes its appearance, we head to our Cedar Stone cabin tucked in the Ozarks of Arkansas/wherever I am. I’m a mobile peddler!

This will be Bonanza vendor appearance:
2! And now I have a better idea on how to pack!

Specializes in:
I love old phones, antique feed sacks, old bibles, burlap grain bags, retro mini Jell-o molds, wooden boxes, vintage baby shoes, old paper and objects that just speak to me in some way or another. I would sum it up as Vinatage Shabby French Romantic.

Favorite activity besides junking:
I am the assistant and prop coordinator of MaryJanes & Galoshes Photography. I love finding vintage props to use in upcoming themed photo sessions. Then setting the stage for one-of-a-kind images. It’s still junking and we will resell the props eventually once we have used them a couple of times for photo sessions.

Would save if the workshop were on fire:
My life, silly!
You knew you were a junker when:
even as young as 6 when I preferred junkin’ on weekends with my Grandmother to anything else in the world.

Three words that describe you:
honest, outspoken, silly

Three words that describe your product:
calming, peaceful, history
If you couldn’t be a junker, you’d:
have the prop coordinating job I have

You didn’t think it would ever sell:
I played a trick on my sister and brother-in-law last year. We were junking and the two of them were making a pile at the front of the shop. They were hunting and gathering for objects separately to add to their pile. When I saw this hideous, vintage, plastic blow-up foot stand with plastic flowers inside, I knew I had to secretly add this $9 object to their pile and make each of them think the other had picked it. When the gathering was done and we met at the front of the store, my sister and brother-in-law looked at each other in disbelief that one of them would select such an odd item. I confessed and returned the foot stool to its proper place, hidden under a table! Later that day I was searching the internet and what do you think I stumbled upon? A vintage blow-up floral foot stool. It had sold for $124, What? NO WAY!!?? I had left it at the shop located an hour away. I called, it was still there; we returned and I purchased it. I then put it in my Etsy shop and it sold. Who knew?!
The great thing about junking? There’s always an admirer for all kinds of junk!
Looking forward to seeing you and the rest of the vintage aficionados at the Bonanza!


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  1. How did I miss meeting you at Junk Bonanza last year???? Where will you be located at JB? I sell vintage fashions in the huge indoor tent in the main building. I’d love to meet you. Welcome back to JB!!!

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