Day 1 at the Oronoco Gold Rush Days and Junk Bonanza is there! Check out our booth for a bevy of baskets…

… first-class glass…

… a lush brush tower…

… and fabulous vendors! Say hi to Pam Curry of Pam’s Picks and your very own vendor wrangler, Jane Hall, of Mustard Moon!

Jane is big on customer service, even when surrounded by disarmingly disembodied doll heads!

Besides the regular fun at the Bonanza booth at Oronoco, the crew is also sharing the news about FleaQuest, Ki’s new enterprise, launching in 2013! It’s a national online directory of vintage sales, architectural salvage, antiques stores and road trips! Everywhere you want to go! Learn more here!
And check back frequently!
We hope to bring you more pictures so you can experience the Gold Rush vicariously if you’re not able to attend!

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