Your Bonanza crew! Front: Emily Nordstrom, Ki Nassauer. Back: Kim Yeager, John Whaley, Irene Standa, Jane Hall.

Road trip!
We’re headed south for the Oronoco Gold Rush Days, Friday through Sunday in Oronoco, Minn.!
Event manager Carol Olson and her crack staff are doing up the sale big for the Gold Rush’s 40th anniversary! She’s got about 350 vendor lined up in 1,000 spots for a lot of vintage shopping goodness!
Stop by and say hi to Ki and the crew at A015 and A022, where the Bonanza booth will bulge with goodies (a preview of what’s to come Sept. 13-15 when the Junk Bonanza commences!
Ki will be signing copies of the newest Flea Market Style magazine, too, and holding drawings for daily giveaways!
Enter for a chance to win a pair of Early Bird tickets to the Bonanza, a gift certificate to the Junk Revolution store and two signed copies of the Winter 2012 FMS mag!
And learn more from Ki about FleaQuest, her new venture debuting in 2013 to provide a comprehensive and free nationwide online directory of the best spots and road trips for all things vintage, salvage and antique!
Hope to see you in Oronoco! Stop by and say hi!


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