Millwerk’s main warehouse contains thousands of feet of trim, baseboard, moldings and more!

Today’s vendor profile: ND Millwerk, a jigsaw puzzle of house parts!

Nelda Werkmeister
ND Millwerk Salvage and Sales
Lives in/Business located:
Paulina, IA, The Gem of the Prairie
This will be Bonanza vendor appearance:
Specializes in:
old house parts


Favorite activity besides junking:
relaxing with friends or family
Would save if the workshop were on fire:
What a horrible thought! Probably nothing; the most valuable items are too big to run with! The miter saw, table saw, planer, drill press and oval window frames would be mourned!
You knew you were a junker when:
Cammie (Metheny) and Ki came to shop at our store!

Three words that describe you:
caring, weird, hardworking
Three words that describe your product:
coveted, vintage, voluminous

If you couldn’t be a junker, you’d be a:
You didn’t think it would ever sell:
Staircases and stair parts. As you can imagine, these things not only can take up a lot of room, but they can be difficult to remove from an old building and haul back to our warehouse. In just a few years we had quite an accumulation of balusters, steps and newel posts, and I wondered if they were worth storing. Since then, many parts have gone through the doors, with a continuing great selection!
Who among us wouldn’t want to get lost for a few hours in this place?!
Luckily for us, Nelda brings her fab stock to us at the Bonanza!

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