Ready to swoon over some great retro and vintage pieces? When you get to the Bonanza, be sure to search out Micky Cook, whose eponymous junking business covers the waterfront in all thing special!

Name/Vendor Name:
Micky Cook
Lives in/Business located:
Stillwater, MN
This will be Bonanza vendor appearance:
I’m returning to the Bonanza after a break.
Specialize in:
The unusual, especially in furniture. Odd pieces that pop up in all kinds of places.

Favorite activity besides junking:
Decorating our B & B with all the junk I find and traveling to places to find it.
Would save if the workshop were on fire:
I wish I had a workshop. Then I could put a car in my garage!
You knew you were a junker when:
When I first dumpster-dived in the light of day 18 years ago while my husband refused to get out of the car to help me out.
Three words that describe you:
eccentric, determined, curious
Three words that describe your product:
eclectic, unique, quality

If you couldn’t be a junker, you’d be a:
documentary film maker
You couldn’t stand to sell it once you found it:
Almost everything. I only buy what I love, not what I think will sell. I have a fabulous painted door from a ballroom in Paris in my living room. I don’t think it’s going anywhere.
Micky’s painted door may not be going anywhere, but her other fabulous goods are: to the Junk Bonanza! Don’t miss her wonderfully curated collection. Have you made your travel plans yet? Can’t wait to see you there!

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  1. WOW Micky!!! I love the retro look of the red couch. I can’t wait to see what else you have. I think I might have one or two Retro Outfits to go with it. I see a picture opp in our future….
    Welcome back to JB

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