Whiling away a few hours with third-year vendor La La Land may, indeed, be better than reality!

Jenna Ebsen
La La Land
Edina, MN/Chaska, MN
This will be Bonanza vendor appearance:

Specializes in:
vintage home decor; rescued and recycled items for home and gift
Facebook: La La Land
Favorite activity besides junking:
spending time with my two children!

Would save if the workshop were on fire:
bummer. But awesome chance to go junking to get new stuff!
You knew you were a junker when:
My dad and I would walk through alleys as we walked our dog and dumpster dive. It’s in my blood!

Three words that describe you:
oddball, kind-hearted, always looking for adventure
Three words that describe your product:
unique, fun, brings a smile to your face

If you couldn’t be a junker, you’d be:
a consultant to a junker!
You couldn’t stand to sell it once you found it:
A Humpty Dumpty that was given to me from a fellow junker. He is my good luck charm to this day! We all think he runs around my store at night!
We know we are looking forward to running around your store… for three days when you transport it to the Junk Bonanza!

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