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Yes, that is Junk Bonanza founder and junk entrepreneur, Ki Nassauer, gracing page C11 of Saturday’s Wall Street Journal!
Check out the story, written by the Journal’s James R. Hagerty, reporter par excellence!

All good journalists follow the story; he went so far as remotest South Dakota to join Ki on a junk jaunt and witness the thrill of the hunt.
Thanks to Hagerty, the fabulosity of junk is getting a national platform!
Watch this space for future posts and pictures from that expedition (though this scribe won’t be able to match Hagerty’s discerning eye for detail — love his description of Victor Settje and his property, where Ki and Bonanza vendor Cammie Metheny of Daffadowndilly’s scouted for treasure)!
Meanwhile, don’t miss the rockin’ video, shot for the Journal in Ki’s Los Angeles digs (including some clips from the 2011 Junk Bonanza), and the swell (six- column!) portrait by Ramona Rosales, captured at LA’s Freeway Building Materials salvage yard.
The Journal and Ki are a harmonious pairing.
The newspaper has called itself the Diary of the American Dream. Our junking’ pal is living it!
Enjoy the read!

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  1. They could sure use some creative Junk mind on WALL STREET These days…!!! Taking trash and making it into something useful and creative, not to even say BEAUTIFUL is a skill they are lacking up there… Congrats to KI and the WHOLE lot of us CREATIVE Junkers that follower her example!~ May other catch on fast!~

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