The most important meal of the day is said to be breakfast, but that’s all relative when you’ve been working hard on Junk Bonanza plans! On this day, Ki and Event Manger Emily found lunch to be of paramount importance!
Here they are at the renowned Pink’s Hot Dogs in Hollywood on North LaBrea Avenue! Planning the Bonanza — contracts, email blasts, budgets et. al. — is hunger-inducing work!

Emily had the Martha Stewart Dog, distinguished by its relish, onions, bacon, tomatoes and sauerkraut. ” Em’s verdict: “Sounds wierd; it was good but hard to eat!” Ki opted for the pristine dog, but was cajoled into adding mustard (and at the last minute, onions) by the incredulous counter worker. (Apparently, a well-dressed dog is de rigueur, at least in Hollywood!)
They supplemented with fries, chili-cheese and regular!

Em noted that this meal probably wiped out their caloric burnoffs from the day before; her Hollywood hike (can you see the sign in the background?) and Ki’s ride and workout at the horse barn.
Ki and Em have worked together for nine years, and in Ki’s words, “we can fill in each other’s sentences and usually work in our pajamas all day.” Venturing out in real clothes came with a cost this time: Their meter expired five minutes before they finished their yummy hot dog repast! Added Em: “The parking guy gave the ticket to Ki personally!”
Emily is back in Minnesota, but she, Ki and the rest of the Bonanza team are planning away!
Stay tuned for updates on Early Bird tickets, which will be available soon!

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  1. Party on and “plan” on. Can’t wait the JB team comes up with this year. AND…just so ya know…this vendor is doing a little planning to up her JB game for 2012 too. See you at JB 2012!!!
    LaDeeDa Design

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