Returning vendor Maria Leary of A Vintage Touch knows that sew-sew is never so-so! Some info:

Find her: in her studio over the garage in Excelsior, Minn., on and in Minnesota at Cottage Chicks in Deephaven, Very Vintage in Litchfield and Weeds & Reeds in New Ulm.

Her niche: Creates one-of-a-kind children’s boutique clothing and bags/purses from vintage textiles.

She loves: The hunt for vintage feedsack fabric and old barkcloth.

Her other “day job”: Mom to three kids.

What started it all: A dress for my daughter sewn from a vintage tablecloth.

Bringing to the Bonanza: A booth built around a nursery theme with old dressers repourposed as changing tables, baby room decor and new barkcloth bag styles.

Best Bonanza memory: “I had a beautiful pink quilt last year that I wasn’t sure I wanted to sell. A young woman wanted to buy it but it was a little more than she could spend. Her husband told her that she could purchase it if she didn’t find anything else and it was still there at the end of the day. I secretly put it on hold for her because I knew how much she wanted it. She came back at the end of the day and I gave her a good price because I knew she would treasure it.”

People would never guess: “I’m very shy. Junk Bonanza takes me out of my comfort zone but in a great way.”

Can’t work without: My 1950’s Husqvarna Viking Type 21 sewing machine. I actually have two! Greatest sewing machine ever and it’s vintage so it looks great in my studio.”

Here’s what looks great: Preparations for the Junk Bonanza! We’ll be seeing you (and we know you’ll look great, too!) in just three days!


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