Full-time jewelry designer Tamara Schafhauser is transporting her Sheer Addiction studio from downtown Hudson, Wis., to the Bonanza as a fourth-year vendor.

Rare materials: Uses old brass stampings from New York, Paris and Belgium.

Brush with fame: “My pieces landed on American Idol (Kimberly Locke and Ryan Seacrest).”

Bringing to the Bonanza: Lots of vintage lockets!

Best find ever:A rare stamping that my husband found while on a trip to Paris. I treasure that piece!”

All Bonanza moments are funny: We are laughing most of the time!”

No one would guess:I wanted to be to be a news anchor but ended up living in Europe and designing” instead.

Bonus: Tamara is giving away a free pair of earrings Thursday to each purchaser of goods worth $40 or more!

Most indispensable staples: Wet wipes for my hands and a sense of humor.

A sense of humor is always useful! We’ll have ours at the ready at the Junk Bonanza, which opens for business in two days. Will we see you there?!


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