Dawn Fellows of Storehouse Antiques in Blue Earth, Minn., does shows only, and is looking forward to her third Junk Bonanza appearance. Here’s the 411 on her (and the stories, plural, about the green chair!):

Specializes in: Rough, primitive items. “I buy by feeling; what moves me I make mine to sell. I am drawn to items that were useful, like if they could speak they would have colorful tales to tell. I sometimes feel that I’m saving them to be appreciated again by the buyers at our booth!”

Her other “day job”: Operations coordinator for Southern Minnesota Surgical Inc.

Bought her first item: At an auction, age 7 or 8. “I bought an old wood silverware box. I also credit Susie McConville, Ms. Mac’s Antiques for making me see that I could do this! Ki, in Junk Market days, also made me believe that it was worth doing this!”

Best Bonanza piece: “A very ’50s style, vintage, grass green upholstered chair. Perfect condition. Loved that chair, it was perfect!”

Best find ever: “When I purchased the green chair, the auctioneer picked up a storage bag of items and placed it with the chair to sell. I wanted that chair so badly, I didn’t pay attention to the bag. Got home, opened the bag to find three beautiful, in perfect condition, handmade quilts. Gorgeous. It almost felt as though I should give them back.”

She absolutely loves: Bonanza neighbor Cammie M!

No one would guess: “How I secretly yearn to figure out a way to only play with “junk” the remainder of my days and make it my only real job!”

Can’t junk without: “Cash, baby!”

Ah, cash. Whether you call it the folding green, lettuce, lolly, lucre or moolah, we’re sure of one thing: You’ll want to bring plenty to finance your lovely Bonanza finds! Happy shopping to you!


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