Sara Smith’s Seasons in Carver (Minn.) occasional sale is making its fourth vendor appearance, but Smith’s junking bona fides are older than that:

Got her start: “We lived on a farm in southwest Minnesota when I was growing up and I would scrounge around in our grove and junk pile for treasures.”

What drives her: “I love to create. To take things apart and come up with a totally unique creation!” The bicycle seats, doll heads and tin cans pictured will all appear at this year’s Bonanza in upcycled form!

Best piece she’s brought to the Bonanza: Baseball flowers.

Bringing this year: “Can’t tell you….then I would have to kill you! You’ll have to show up to find out. But it is sweet!”
Best Bonanza memory: “Three of my sisters surprised me when they showed up at my house a couple of weeks before the show to help me with my Junk Bonanza creations!”

No one would guess: I think I’m funny.
Indispensable junking staple: “How my brain works!”
Sara’s brain is one of several remarkably creative noggins that have been working overtime to bring you a spectacular Bonanza experience! We can’t wait to see you…in 6 short days!


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