Jane Hall, owner of the Mustard Moon occasional sale in Carver, Minn., has been with the Bonanza “since Day 1” in 2006. She is also the Bonanza’s wrangler, serving the needs of the event’s 130 vendors. Here’s the 411 on irrepressible Jane!

Got her start: “I quit my job as a road rep in wholesale fashion to be home with my children. As they grew I needed a “creative” outlet and had some extra old stuff from my house that I had “traded up” for better old things.” Rented a small spot in an antique shop in Plato, Minn….10 years ago!

She likes her junk: “As is. I love the way time and use have worn away and tattered things, so I don’t alter my goods. They are, like me, as is.”

Best Bonanza piece: My 2009 booth with a bank of old lockers. You can see it on my blog. All things gray. It was a fab look and a fab sale!”

Bringing to the Bonanza: “It’s a secret,” but it’s all stuffed inside those two sheds pictured above.

Best find ever: “This sounds cliche, but all the wonderful friends and contacts

I have made doing this. And all of the cool old junk, no favorites!”

Funniest Bonanza moment: “Bringing something up to the front check out at the first show and not being able to get back to my booth because of all the people.”
Most valuable junking staple: Husband, friends and family who help before, during and after the show.

Attendees and vendors are our most valuable find! We look forward to seeing you all, en masse, in just 9 short days at the Junk Bonanza!


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