First-year vendor Claudia Gronniger is bringing her Just Claudia “urban metals, crusty rusty loot with dazzling chandeliers” to the Bonanza! Some things to know:

From: St. Joseph in the Kansas City, Mo., area.

Her other day job: “Who wants a day job? I am a high-style junker!”

Got her start: 9 years ago in a booth before buying and selling a furniture store, selling from a boutique and moving on to shows.

Sells at: Events and shows such as Warrenton/Roundtop, and the Kansas City Bottoms Up Antique Market the first weekend of each month.

Find her: On her blog.

Junking find of a lifetime:Four tubs of antique French crystals from a mansion that was salvaged. I dazzled my store as I hung these huge crystals from bed springs and beams.”

Most indispensable junking staple: “My husband! He hauls, hangs, fixes and loves my junk!”

We all love junk! Prepare to be dazzled at the Junk Bonanza, a mere eight days away!


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