Daffadowndilly’s owner Cammie Metheny is a Junk Bonanza vet and Gal Friday, returning for a fifth year. Some fun facts about her and the stuff she stocks in her Coleridge, Neb., shop!

Her slice of the junking pie: “I like it all, but I would say the one-of-a-kinds and unusually special objects.”

Got her start: Going to weekend auctions with her parents; influenced by grandmother’s love of the old.

Best piece she’s brought to the Bonanza: Merabella, the mermaid; she was pretty special.

Bringing this year: A religious statue that is pretty spectacular.

Best find ever: A blue and yellow creamery sign, double-sided, enamel with a maple leaf. Bought for $10 and sold for $750.

Best Bonanza memory: “One of Ki’s friends, Jill, playing the accordian. Entertaining!”

PICTURED: Cammie’s crew: Daughter Madison, helper Kathy, Cammie, husband David and sister Judy!

No one would guess: She has a 30-year-old son and two grandsons, 5 and 1/2 and 2.

Indispensable junking tools: Power washer, DeWalt orbital sander and Minwax satin poly.
If you’ve yet to visit the Junk Bonanza for the first time, you have yet to discover how indispensable you will find the ATM machines! We can’t wait to meet you at the Bonanza!

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