Vendor Janis Archer of Country Keepsakes in Minnetonka, Minn., is back for year five!
Specialties of the house: Retro and color!

Find her on Etsy: Dime Store Vintage.

Her other “day job”: A woodworking business she shares with her husband. “We make and sell wood Ampersands and signs online and at the General Store of Minnetonka and at art fairs and local boutiques.”

Hooked on junking since: She bought an antique beaded bag at a church rummage sale when she was 12.

Best Bonanza piece: A six-foot tall concrete Totem pole.

Bringing to the Bonanza: Graphic textiles, litho game boards, vintage costume jewelry (“a girl can’t have enough bracelets!”), restaurant china, globes and instant collections of kitschy trinkets.

Best junking find: A 1960s Bonnie Cashin Coach purse at the Arc Value Village Thrift Store in Richfield, Minn. I love it because it has a sweet little coin purse attached to the front.

Funniest Bonanza memory: The very wet year the vendors in the tent got plastic rain bonnets from Ki!

Can’t junk without: Duct tape and Windex.

No one would guess: “I order Happy Meals for myself. I love the toys!”

And we love…all things Bonanza!

Thanks for spending these past months with us as we’ve highlighted a few of the fabulous vendors who help make the Bonanza the Best Junk Round-up in the Midwest!

Check back tomorrow when the Bonanza starts! That’s when we’ll start a series of posts documenting the fun under way at Canterbury Park! Who knows, you might just see yourself!

Happy junking! Let the treasure hunt begin!


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