Beth Bright is bringing Blue Star Collections to the Bonanza for the fourth year!
Formerly of Spencer, Iowa, now Superior, Beth would like you to know she “is a junker from way back!”
Some other facts to mull:

Special slice: “A bit of everything. Love putting it all together.”

Spends her days: “Refurbishing The Church [opening this fall.] A full-time job.”

Got her start: 9 years ago, by just collecting “until the shed was full!”

Best piece she brought to the Bonanza: An old printing table.

Even better this year: Industrial items.

Best finds: On the curb. Free, and you never know what you’ll find.

Best Bonanza moment: “Hmmm, it’s all funny trying to cram it all in to one spot.”

No one would guess: she’s skydived.

Can’t work without: Paintbrush and a hammer, “and of course, my husband, the Junk Hunk.”

No matter what your “go-to” tool is, we’re glad to have you on board for the Bonanza!


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