That quiet efficiency you heard humming along at the Best Junk Round-up in the Midwest, 6th Edition, didn’t happen by chance!

There was. a lot of heavy lifting!

The efforts of many talented and hard-working folks put the “boffo” in the Bonanza!
(Here’s the staff in the Junk Revolution store: Karla, Susan Ashley and Taylor! Quite possibly the hardest-working team in the apparel business! For sure the grooviest!)

John and Kathie kept the microphone busy and the details handled deftly! Check out the wattage on those smiles. It never dims!

Irene policed everything else, from the blue lines to the U-hauls, and somebody had to do it!

Theresa was one of the myriad FOBs (Friends of the Bonanza!) who stamped hands and took tickets and distributed maps. Contributions came from all quarters!

It takes a village and it takes a building full! For all the hard work, expertise and good will, the Bonanza is grateful!

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