As part of our partnership with Etsy, the world’s premier online marketplace for vintage and other handmade items also shares info about us with its members!

We thought you’d enjoy seeing them mention us on their blog listing of September events. There we are, right under their conferences in Holland and England!
We love being in such august and worldwide company, and look forward to hosting Etsy’s team when the Bonanza arrives in fewer than two weeks!

Ciao, baby!


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  1. ok dumb question. Is there any type of shopping cart or flea market cart that would be to use or rent? How ridiculous would I look pushing a stroller sans baby just to hold my foreseen accumulated purchases? or should I just bring said baby ;/ I was at a Flea Market this weekend…my first in eons and I bought quite a few items but had to leave frequently to put items in van…it was a pain. Thanks and I am so excited to attend this year as I was quite pregnant last year and had to miss the event.

  2. We don’t have shopping carts to rent, but most vendors are super about letting you leave your purchases till you are ready to pick up. Just make sure you mark your program map so you don’t leave anything behind. We have two loading zones so you don’t have to walk very far.
    See you soon!

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