It all happened so fast, relatively speaking. Good thing there was seating!

One moment, Canterbury Park was teeming with happy customers, toting their treasures toward the door.

Then, at the stroke of 5, vendors and the Bonanza team started the next leg of their journies: tearing down what they had so happily assembled just a few short days ago!

Away it went, with magical efficiency!

A spot near the loading dock was a coveted locale!

The stuff never seemed to end…

…though vendors were game to haul unrelentingly!

Pretty soon, the floors cleared out, save for the vaunted blue lines (the Fire Marshal’s Best Friend…)

You could shoot a cannon off in there, or at least heave a hefty piece of junk without interference!

Even the Junk Revolution store was down to its hangers!

At the end, only the pile headed for Bonanza storage was left. That’s all we wrote!
Luckily, there will be more pix coming this week of scenes from the Bonanza that we just couldn’t cram in during the actual event!
So stay tuned for Bonanza redux!

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  1. Well I came to MN for the Creative COnnection and ended up having much more fun at your event than CC! I met the nicest people and nicest vendors. MAJOR thanks to Gretchen Schaumann who took it upon herself to find me a way back to the hotel after I had been stranded by my, “friends.” I cannot find the sweet girls card and name of the girl who took me back to Saint Paul but if she’s reading this, major thanks! I just wanted you to somehow thank Gretchen is a special way for being no sweet to a total stranger! Many thanks for a great time!-cindy craine

  2. Kinda sad to see those empty building pictures. So much goodness gone for another year. I had a blast, great to meet you Kim.

    Can’t wait for next year.

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