Check out that line of Early Birders!
Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of junk-loving treasure hunters braved this brrrr-worthy morning at Canterbury Park to get a two-hour head start on the fabulous shopping within!
(Given my point and shoot telephone camera and attendant shooting skills, I only captured a fraction!)

The Voice of the Bonanza, John Whaley, took the chill off
with hot mini-doughnuts for all intrepid linemates.
Which just goes to show that the Early Bird gets more than just the junk!
Check back later today for more photos of first-day fun!

4 Responses

  1. You’re killing me! I missed donuts too?

    Ugh, to think right at this very moment lucky men and women from all over the country are shopping Bonanza and I’m stuck home in Maryland about to head upstairs to clean my guest bathroom because my in-laws are coming for the weekend!

    Life is so unfair………….!!!!!!!!!


  2. I was there, received my $6 off coupon for an early bird shirt! My first year – won’t be my last! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT! Great job with promotion and set up! Working on my blog posting now….check it out!

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