3 Wren Street, the mother-daughters combo from Racine and Oak Creek, Wis., and Brooklyn, N.Y., are making their first Bonanza appearance. Mother Kathi Mundigler and daughters Annie and Allie Mundigler, can’t get enough of junking togetherness!:

Time warp: “We could spend hours in a person’s basement, closets, garage and attic and not even realize that time has passed. It’s truly our favorite thing.”
Most indispensible tools: “Husband/dad Dave, our trusty van and huge handmade tote bags to lug all our treasures home in.”

Best junking find:
Allie: An incredibly old dress form with a cast-iron stand named Coco.
Kathi: An old white chicken coop that looks perfect in front of her new white couch
Annie: An antique apothecary chest.
Modus operandi: “Allie goes straight for the closets in search of vintage fashion. Annie heads to the basement. Dave checks out the garage, and as the ringleader of this great family circus I am pulled in every direction when treasures are found.”

Their etsy shops: All Things White, Elizabeth Wren Vintage and The Dancing Wren.
Blog: 3Wren Street.
No one would guess: “One of us has written and published books, one of us has eaten pie with Brooke Shields and one of us has been stung by a jellyfish in the Mediterranean Sea.”
We can promise attendees a jellyfish-free experience at the Junk Bonanza! Have you figured out what you are packing, yet?!

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  1. thank you so much- we love to follow your blog and see some of the goodies other vendors are bringing/get to know them a little better. how fun that we are now featured here! 😀 can’t wait to see everyone at junk bonanza!!

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