Todd Krueger is bringing Vintage Home Accents from Appleton, Wis., to the Bonanza for his first vendor visit. Some fun facts about our neighbor to the East:

His slice of the junking pie: Collects rare and unusual antiques.

This is his day job: “I was fortunate to quit my ‘day job’ in November 2010 and I now do this full time.”

Bringing to the Bonanza: Unique home decor products made from architectural salvaged materials.

Best find ever: “Two rooms full of antique tin walls and ceiling. That first find started the process of our creations.”

No one would guess: “My daughters can talk me into anything!”

Can’t work without: Tin shears.

We are suffused with sheer pleasure as the Junk Bonanza draws nigh! Have you filed your flight plan yet?


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