Leslie Mullin’s Pocket-Books/Elegant Treasures calls Lakeville, Minn., home. Mullin, in her fifth vendor appearance, recycles old books into purses. Some fun facts:

Other job: A descriptive sensory panelist — a taste tester for Malt-O-Meal.

A-ha moment: While cutting pages from a book for an altered book project, the insides came loose from the binding. “Having very little time on my hands and an Irish Norwegian temper, I threw the book down on my work table and stood up. The cover on this book was really pretty so I was upset I had to start all over. Well, I looked down and there were some beads laying on the table just at the top of the book’s side edge and ahhhh. There was a purse staring me in the face.”

Bringing to the Bonanza: Purses made from old game boards.

Best junking find: An old gum wrapper chain. Now I make some of my purse straps the same way, only out of pages from books.”

Funniest Bonanza memory: “When Ki delivered the emergency survival kits after we lost power at Medina.”

No one would guess: She’s a 25-year vet of the garment industry and designed lingerie.

Best tool: Word of mouth.

We concur! Be sure to let your friends know that the Junk Bonanza draws nigh!


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