Carver, Minn., artist Suzanne Thiesfeld operates her business, Objects and Art, from a studio in a renovated 1935 barn. Here’s the 411 on her Junk Bonanza appearance:

A happy place: “I have the pleasure of just walking across my yard to my studio where I spend an exorbitant amount of time creating.”

What she creates: Oil paintings on rustic surfaces, using vintage items as inspiration. “I seek out items with identifiable shapes and items that people have memories with.”

Can’t work without: “My camera. If I can’t take it home with me, I can take a picture.”

What she looks for at the Bonanza: Original art.

What she’s bringing to the Bonanza: Oil paintings, the props she used to create them and collages made with vintage items.

Her showstopper:I’m really excited about my larger-than-life vintage items that I’ve created out of found objects. They will make fabulous conversation pieces for home, office or retail space.”

We know you’ll find conversation pieces of all kinds at the Bonanza! Have you marked your calendar yet for Sept. 15-17?!


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