Nancy Polacek of Nancy Polacek Design sews from several areas of her Southwest Minneapolis home. Some scraps of info about this third-time vendor:

Her first name: I used to swap the Y with an I and then draw a little heart over it but then I graduated from sixth grade. Also, I caught my parents smirking.”

That’s not hoarding: “I have three sewing machines in use at any one time and six vintage machines waiting in the wings in case one breaks down and can’t be fixed that very day.”

20-year evolution: From fixing up finds to sewing furniture accessories to sewing with old fabrics.

The bonus:Now my junking quarry can be carried home in my suitcase. I’ve been known to leave some of my clothes behind so I can fit newly purchased vintage fabric in my carry-on.”

Learned to thread a sewing machine: In junior high, but never listened to the beleaguered Home Ec teacher.

But in college: “I borrowed my Mom’s Kenmore and went to town. She actually had to buy me a machine for Christmas so she could get hers back.”

Had four children: As an “excuse to sew more cute outfits, I suspect.”

Bringing to the Bonanza: Funky, odd pillows and accessories made from vintage and laser-jet printed fabrics. Among them: pot holders, featured in the fall issue of Flea Market Style mag.

Find her wares: in her Etsy shop.

Junk Bonanza is: a rolling stone of inspiration for me every year and I can’t wait to see what all the other vendors have gathered. ‘Bring it!’ takes on a whole new meaning!”

By all means, bring on the Bonanza! It’s 17 days and counting!


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