Mish Mash Studio, the former Annie Bananie’s Junk Art, breathes new life into jewelry from discarded junk. Artist Annie Schilling of Edina, Minn., is making her second Bonanza appearance after falling totally, madly, deeply in love with junk.

Best Bonanza piece last year: “An old highway ‘JCT’ sign. I love the word junction. There is so much of what I do in that word.”
This year’s show-stopper: “Possibly a vintage sheet music-covered moose head (if I can part with it.)” Plus junk-studded headbands.
Find her: at MishMash Studio.com and her etsy site!

Best find ever: A 10-foot farm harvest table found in a garage at an estate sale on half-price day for less than $200.
Funniest Bonanza memory: Neighboring vendor’s fear that a painted screen perched high would fall on her head. “It sold long before it would have fallen!”
No one would guess: “I hate opera.”
Whether you stay till the fat lady sings, or you attend for just one day, the Junk Bonanza welcomes you!
Check back next week for news on fabulous Bonanza giveaways for you!

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