Nichole Johnson operates Maggie’s Attic in Spirit Lake Iowa, and says repurposing a dresser 10 years ago snowballed into a small business! Some things to know about her:

About being a first-year vendor: “Woot, woot!”
Slice of the junking world: Loves to paint and stage furniture.
Her other day job: designer for a kitchen and bath firm.

Best junking find: “An old secretary. It was in an old garage in Chatfield, Minn., with paint and oil cans stored in it. Water damage had almost done it in. We saved it, sand, painted, replaced hardware, loved it back to 2010!”
Best Bonanza memory as a four-year customer: “Watching a lady shuffle a pile of old fabulous suitcases between her legs, while her arms were full of junk to pay for with the vendor. She didn’t want to risk leaving anything behind and managed to get it all to its destination. Hilarious to watch!”

No one would guess: “I love to listen to the farm/market reports on the radio. I have no idea what they are talking about but it relaxes me.”
Relaxed or eager, it’s time to get into a Bonanza State of Mind!
Days until the Junk Bonanza: 35!

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