Donna Lystrom, of Lystrom Specialties in Lakeville, Minn., recycles wool sweaters into mittens and other fun pieces.
Some info about her:
Got her start: About five years ago.
Number of Bonanzas: This is number three.
Not many people know: “My husband and I took up Square Dancing.”
How the magic happens: “I wash and dry the sweaters, not necessarily felt them. If the sweaters get too shrunk they get too thick to sew. Some have shrunk too much so I can’t use them. I make the mittens out of wool, cashmere, alpaca, angora or mohair sweaters. Mostly wool.”
No one would ever guess: “What fun it is! Good exercise, too!”
Bringing to the Bonanza: A few reinvented items, but mostly mittens!
Become a hands-on (not mitts-off!) kind of Bonanza visitor!
We look forward to seeing you Sept. 15-17!

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