First-year vendor Jenna Ebsen owns La La Land, an occasional sale in Chaska, Minn., and formerly did business as Was it Ugly (which is what she thought about a lot of the pieces she worked on, pre-transformation!) Some fun facts:

Specializes in: The big “hunt” for the coolest piece of discarded, unwanted furniture or hopeless finds that she can rescue and transform “into something beautiful I could see in my home.”

Modus operandi: “I am super cheap so it has to be something really thrown to the curb.”

Psychic rewards: “I feel great that I saved something from a certain death in the landfill.”

Skill sets: Seamstress, fixer, painter, refinisher. “Right now I am especially into saving old lighting, vintage tins and wood furniture.”

Previous job: Registered nurse.

Genetic predisposition for junking: “My Dad and I would raid curbside piles with the free sign when I was in nursing school and living in Southwest Minneapolis.”

No matter where you find your finds, a guaranteed trove of treasures awaits at the Junk Bonanza! Have you ordered your Early Bird ticket yet?


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