Meet Iowans Michelle Leistad of Underwood and Cindy Cochran of Minden, aka Iris & Ivy, longtime friends and six-time vendors!

They specialize in: An ever-changing collection of down home country.

Started peddling antiques: After they retired from running a clothing store for 18 years.

Best piece they brought to the Bonanza: Two great pillars from a Masonic Lodge.

What they’re bringing this year: “More!

They love: Opening day. “It puts us in awe every year. We keep saying how in the heck could it get any better. Then the next year, it does!”

Funniest Bonanza moment: First time coming to the Bonanza. “Neither one of us could back up our truck with the trailer attached so we had to come hours early so we could pull in straight without people seeing us. I’m sure we went around that tent 10 times before we had it where we needed it. Funny thing is, we haven’t gotten any better. It’s just that now we ask for help!”

Most indispensible junking staples: Continuing friendship and a truck.

Find friendship and more than a few interesting parking jobs by attendees on a run to get inside at the Junk Bonanza!


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  1. Hello sweet girls, it’s cindy criane from Texas. Had a blast meeting and shopping with the two of you! Come see my blog sometime and let me know what your website is, I couldn’t get the address to work! I hope to have all my junk Bonanza photos up soon! Hope to hear from you! xoxo-cindy

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