Kristi Stratton and Hunt & Gather‘s gang of “20 of the most aggressively buying dealers anywhere” will return to the H&G booth, where they have appeared every year of the Bonanza except one. Some insights on the Minneapolis shop:

Kristi’s best find: A double-sided eyeglass sign in the shape of glasses.

What’s the H&G look: Advertising, architectural, oil paintings, flashcards, letters, taxidermy, furniture, plant gardens, textiles, oddities!

Bringing to the Bonanza: Especially worn buoys on a string.

Commune with the Hunters & Gatherers: H&G will be open Thursday and Friday night of the Bonanza for glasses of cheer and deals for out-of and in-town dealers! Visit them at 4944 Xerxes Av. S. in Minneapolis, 612-455-0250!

Whether you hunt or whether you gather, the Bonanza is the place for you! Have you made your plans yet?


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