Vendor Beth Voltmer is bringing Burlap & Roses to the Junk Bonanza from New Virginia, Iowa, for the second time. Formerly operating as Vintage Home & Garden, she shared this info about herself:

Her slice of the pie: Vintage, not antique. “On trend, but varied.”

Last year: “Put my real estate career on the back burner and have not looked back. As I approach my 50th birthday, I feel there is no better time to live my bliss and am making my life’s workBurlap & Roses. I’ve added a coffee shop, also, and will be adding gardening, cooking and make and take classes.”

Growing a business: Started 10 years after hearing about occasional sales. She started as a monthy sale and now is open Thursday through Sunday each week.

Last year she brought: A black chicken coop that I added coasters to and sold right away. I made plenty of dollars on it…but, the best part was the gal that purchased it. She came, practically running, to my booth as she saw it from a ways away. She was ecstatic stating, ‘I came here looking for one of these…it’s just what I was looking for’.”

Best junking find: I’ve had several opportunities to “just pick something up” off the side of the road. The first time this happened, I had just left a funeral with my sister. As were traveling, talking a mile a minute, we passed a pile of “stuff” on the side of the road. On cue, we stopped talking, I put on the brakes and we turned around. There were two of the cutest mint green carts…just perfect for end tables. We grabbed them and loaded them up…giggling the whole time. They sold right away for $30 apiece.”

Best junking skill: The ability to improvise under pressure!

Consider this no pressure at all, just a friendly reminder: The Bonanza is only 26 days away!


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