That’s Buffy Register of Buff’s Stuff from Eau Claire, Wis., returning four her fourth year of Bonanza fun! The 411:

Her slice of the junking pie: Smalls, vintage fabric totes, granny grocery carts and liners, vintage jewelry and purses, her own line of jewelry, vintage art.

Best Bonanza piece: An antique dress form. I spent days and days getting it just right. It sold right away!

Bringing this year: “I am hoping everyone will fall in love with my new line of jewelry,” Rag Tag Jewelry”. The jewelry is made out of a huge assortment of eclectic vintage and antique ephemera I have been treasuring for years.”

Best junking find: An antique miniature dress form used by students in the 1800s in tailoring classes. Nope, it’s not for sale……yet.

No one would guess: She used to be a “Wild Child” and was determined to be an Bohemian-style artist.

Best Bonanza memory: “When I laid in my friend Sara’s coal chute and had my picture taken as she wheeled me around in it.”

Can’t work without: A big box of vintage paper scraps and ephemera.

The Junk Bonanza can’t work without you! See you there!


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