Junk Bonanza is headed to the Oronoco Gold Rush Days!
And we’ve got a great new location, right in the hub of things! More details on that later in this post!
This premiere antique and flea market in Oronoco, Minn., features more than 1,000 treasure-filled spaces throughout the community. It starts Friday, Aug. 19 and runs through Sunday, Aug. 21 (though the Bonanza booth will be staffed Friday and Saturday only. Everyone needs some shopping time!)
Stop by and meet the Bonanza team: Ki, Bonanza Manager Emily Gabrelcik, Promoter John Whaley, Vendor Wrangler Jane Hall, Staff Wrangler Irene Standa and me, keeper of the blog and marketer of all things Bonanza!

Register for a chance to win 2 VIP Junk Bonanza tickets, along with a junking totebag and hat and the newest copy of Flea Market Style magazine! And Ki will be signing copies of the new FMS mag (if they’ve arrived; fingers crossed!) as well as copies of the spring edition.

That’s John Whaley on the left, our promoter and The Voice of the Bonanza. Yes, the guy on the loudspeaker!
Cammie Metheny of Daffadowndilly’s is a longtime Bonanza collaborator/friend who creates, hauls and pretty much brings order to all events, including the Bonanza, where she has a booth. You can find her at our booth in Oronoco, where she and Dawn Fellows of Storehouse will have plenty of wares for sale.

Supplementing with other fab finds: Jane, Eydie Campbell and Pam Curry of Mustard Moon and Sara Smith from Seasons in Carver.

Now, about that new location!
Our primo new spot is A 15/22, located on First Street NW, one booth up from Minnesota Ave You can see a map and other details here:

The Gold Rush began more than 39 years ago. It is a nonprofit and all proceeds are channeled back to community projects. Oronoco is in southeastern Minnesota, eight minutes north of Rochester, Minn., home to the Mayo Clinic, and 45 minutes south of Minneapolis-St. Paul.

We can’t wait to see you there!


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