The Oronoco Gold Rush is big!
So are a lot of the items vendors haul to the three-day event in southern Minnesota (today is the last day!) Tom Meidl wasn’t sure this bad boy ice chest was going to make it off the flatbed!

The entire town of Oronoco helps make this a wonderful flea market experience, and no one leaves hungry (or bored!)

Wisconsinites Kathy of Green Bay and Pam from Milwaukee told us these monkeys are their “flea marketing guardian angels” and go everywhere their shopping cart does, to bring them good shopping mojo!

Here’s what we saw at the Gold Rush:

Patina galore! …

Bovine beauty! …

Iron and wood to make one swoon…

Primatives and everything else!

Dave the ice cream sandwich vendor took a few minutes to check out the Junk Bonanza booth (where the staff provided a large part of his revenue stream! If you haven’t yet checked out those pieces of frozen perfection, don’t forget to stop next year!)

Want to see more Oronoco pix? Check out the Flea Market Style magazine blog here!

We enjoyed Oronoco! We’re warming up for the Junk Bonanza Sept. 15-17!
We can’t wait to see you there!

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