The Oronoco Gold Rush Days are going on through Sunday and the Junk Bonanza booth is open for business!

The Bonanza team arrived Wednesday to start setting up, and to spread the word about the Bonanza, coming in September!

Vendor Wrangler Jane Hall found time to try on some of the merchandise, of course!

There was fun to be had with the rest of the stuff, too. As in life, it all depends on your perspective…

Need we say more?!

Cammie and Dave Metheny of Daffadowndilly’s in Nebraska brought lots of stuff for the Bonanza booth…
with goods galore from Dawn Fellows of Storehouse Antiques & Trading.

Sara Smith of Seasons in Carver and Jane, of Mustard Moon, augmented with a vanload of vintage junk.
It was dusty work, but anticipation of the next day’s “Gold Rush” kept everyone smiling.
Tomorrow: Snapshots of cool stuff that made us smile!
Coming tomorrow

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