Do you feel lucky?
Then don’t miss “Lucky Friday” at the Junk Bonanza. It’s shaping up to be a blockbuster, thanks to generous vendors and businesses who have chipped in thousands of dollars of giveaways!
Almost 40 have climbed on board, with new donations coming in daily!
Most vendors are offering one or more gift certificates worth at least $50 each to be redeemed for merchandise at their booths. (Check out the list on the sidebar to the right!) But that day will feature all kinds of interesting giveaways from supporting businesses as well. A year’s supply of cereal, from General Mills, anyone?!
Other donating businesses include Dunn Brothers Eden Prairie, Gorilla Glue, Howards Products, Junk Revolution and Vintage Textile Soak.
So don’t miss the Friday fun! Vendors will have restocked after Thursday. And, if you need added incentive, remember this:
Buying an Early Bird ticket not only gets you in two hours before the rest of the crowd on opening day, it’s also good for free admission Friday and Saturday!
So get your prize on Friday! And, as they say in contest lingo, you may already be a winner: Each Friday attendee gets a single-serving size of Lucky Charms just for walking through the door!
See you there!

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