DeWayne Lumpkin‘s business is in transit! The Grants Pass, Ore., entrepreneur is today’s Junk Bonanza vendor profile!
His British Route Sign Designs by Home Economics (H.E. is the brick-and-mortar store) appeared at the Bonanza for the first time last year. Some fun facts about DeWayne, A full-time junker who began sourcing these signs 10 years ago:
Best Bonanza piece from last year: A multicolored British Route Sign with jewel-toned blues, greens, reds and yellow. “This was the rarest example I’d ever seen and a collector bought it at the Bonanza for $600.”

What he’s bringing this year: Route signs from Hong Kong (with destinations in English and Chinese characters), Australia, United States and the United Kingdom. Plus some rare New York signs that include system maps along with destinations.

Funniest Bonanza moment: “Running into a wild woman I had met at the Portland Expo show the previous year. I had wandered away from my booth and when I came back a neighbor said, ‘Your girlfriend is looking for you.’ I said, ‘I don’t have a girlfriend,’ and he said, ‘Well, that’s what she wanted me to tell you.’ I am terrible with names but you all know her. She’s a vendor and a nurse and a flight attendant and a genuinely certifiable wild woman. She purchased route signs and we did a partial trade on an amazing vintage map she had and I met her husband it it really was great fun!”
(Editor’s note: That resume fits the one and only Pam Curry of Pam’s Picks, wild woman at large!)

No one would guess: “That I don’t collect a SINGLE THING!”

Official endorsement: “Having done shows in San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, etc., who would have thought that the Junk Bonanza in Shakopee, Minnesota, would rank as one of my Top 3 shows last year? But it was. Amazing show; can’t wait to return.”
DeWayne, we can’t wait to see you and your fab gear, either!
Check back for more vendor profiles coming this week!

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