Intrepid blog readers and inveterate junkers!
You were at the ready recently to identify a wire contraption unknown to my untrained eye.
You called it: a vintage drain spout debris catcher.
But this time, I know what these are!
Do you?
A close-up:

That’s Junk Bonanza Cammie of Daffadowndillys, holding her quarry.
She’s redeemed great quantities of these from various junking sources and plans to bring them to the Bonanza.
Can you guess what it is?
One hint: Don’t be swayed by those pop crates beneath. They are unrelated!
Happy Junking!

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  1. They remind me of wooden stocking dryers. They have holes in them to help the drying go faster and the wooden forms help the stockings hold their shape.

    at Hey Viv !

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