What thrills a junker more?
The fabulous find unearthed from beneath a dusty, crusty, barn beam?
The spot-on pile of parts left on a curb for any taker?
The perfect piece of fill-in-the-blank that only you seem to realize is priceless?
(Well, that could be because it is only priceless to you, but that’s another post!)
I’m partial to those most excellent treasures that fall, serendipitously, in to one’s lap.
Today’s treasure: this orange toolbox, filled with faucets!
Credit for this beauteous bounty goes to pal Beth, who casually inquired recently whether I wanted to “pre-shop” her garage sale.
(If there are sweeter queries, they fail to spring immediately to mind!)
Once a collection, this discarded pile had become garage clutter. Now it’s in my garage. Awaiting my inspiration. Or, yours!
What would these parts become in your talented hands?
I know what I would do. Maybe you will convince me otherwise!
In the meantime, happy junking. May good stuff continue to come your way!

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  1. Flowers, Jewelry, Coat Hooks, Drawer Pulls, Hang crystals from them as a sun catcher. great find, I always snap them up when I can. Love to work with these.


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