Each spring at this time of the year, I rescue my favorite tin hare from his resting space inside the hutch (china, not rabbit) to preside over my Easter table.
A gift from a good gal pal — she found him one July in a pile of castoffs in a northern Minnesota junk spot — this guy looks great nestled on a bed of reindeer moss in a small rusty urn. He’s got the perfect patina. Best of all, he was someone else’s discard before I could give him a good home.
For many of us, giving new life to old is a lifestyle choice.
For many retailers, going vintage is a trending strategy!
The marts of commerce are crammed with one-of-a-kind junk pieces (with atmospheric price tags) and oodles of new pieces made to look old. From mass marketers Restoration Hardware to Anthropologie to Target, on up to high-end retailers such as Jayson Home, our beloved junk aesthetic has gone mainstream.
I was reminded anew of this taste revolution while browsing at the Easter tabletop decor in the Pottery Barn catalog:

This fine fellow is cute and cast-iron. He’s also brand new!
Big retailers have discovered what junkers have always known:
That there is beauty in the timeworn, and style in the tarnished
(even if it came off an assembly line looking that way)!
Luckily for vintage lovers, we’ve got our own special retail experience on tap in September!
For those of you keeping count, Junk Bonanza is only 147 days away!

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  1. I love older stuff and vintage – ok so I sell reproductions – a girl has to make a living and my heart belongs to vintage !

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