This is the view outside my dining room window right now.
Bleak, bare and laden with snow (not to mention some exceedingly droopy holiday lights showing the losing end of a tussle with a squirrel).
But what I really want to see right now is this:

Beauteous Bonanza bounty! And this…

And a whole lot more of this!

I can’t wait for the sights and sounds of the Bonanza, all the color and cacophony, the fevered pitch, the friends, the just plain fun!

How are you slaking your Bonanza fever in March, when the flea market pickings are slim and you long for creative vignettes and gorgeous goods?
Share your ideas here, and remember, it’s not that long, really, until Sept. 15!

5 Responses

  1. Can’t wait till Sept! I live in S.E. Iowa! No snow here, but very blah….
    Definitely have spring fever… Better yet. Bonanza fever! Excited to
    Follow your blog until then to make the time go by quicker!
    Gina G.

  2. Can’t wait to be a part of this wonderful event this year! Gives me an excuse to buy more at the estate sales that are starting up- four this weekend 🙂 – even though it is grey and messy here in WI.

  3. I’ve been buying up found elements like crazy and wonderful vintage jewelry to redesign jewelry with for my vendor space. I can not wait!
    Time to start creating…

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