Once upon a time…

there was a fabulous gathering of creative, friendly folks who came from near and far. Some came to sell their found treasures of salvage and nostaglia that they had painstakingly collected and curated. Many others came to be inspired and purchase goods from the sellers.

One particular shopper became immediately smitten upon seeing a beautiful weathervane in the booth of a particularly friendly and enthusiastic seller. The shopper excitedly purchased the weathervane. Because the shopper was busy with helping with the gathering she could not immediately take the weathervane from the sellers booth so the seller agreed to hold the weathervane for her {attaching a “SOLD” sticker to prevent inquiry from other purchasers}.

When the purchaser had still not taken her weathervane by the next morning of the gathering {perhaps she COMPLETELY forgot about it when she was leaving the day before – oops!}, the seller kindly asked her to claim it because she did not want to spend her day explaining to the new crop of enthusiastic shoppers that the weathervane was indeed “SOLD”.

The kind seller suggested that the purchaser could put the weathervane in her white minivan for safe-keeping for the day…..her white minivan that was parked, “right outside those doors” as she pointed in the direction of the loading doors.

The happy owner of the weathervane headed to the white minivan with her weathervane. Once outside the doors, she placed the precious item in the back of the {the closest } white minvan parked outside. She also noticed there was a fabulous vintage dairy sign in the back of the minivan.

When the purchaser headed back into the gathering she passed by the kind seller of the weathervane and thanked her for letting her keep her purchase in the minivan for the day and also suggested she might want to get the dairy sign in her booth for sale, well, because it was just so fantastic!

“What dairy sign?” replied the kind seller.

“The dairy sign in the back of your white minivan” said the purchaser, beginning to panic just ever so slightly….

“I don’t have a dairy sign in the back of my white minivan.” replied the kind seller.

At this point the happy weathervane purchaser turned abruptly {but attempting to act ever so calmly} and ran back to the white minivan only to find that her precious weathervane had been driven off……maybe never to be seen again! But you see, dear readers, this Junk Bonanza tale has a happy ending.

After a couple announcements and some crack investigative work by the distraught purchaser {who just may or may not be your illustrious storyteller}, and finally the honest admission by the lovely seller {one Laura from Flapper Jane’s} who was surprised to discovered that a weathervane had magically appeared in the back of her white minivan, the weathervane was returned to it’s happy and relived purchaser!

The End.

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  1. That is just the cutest story! Happy endings are nice, aren’t they? I once purchased several large things from a dealer, went back to get them and the garden gate was mysteriously missing. The only “happy” part was that he gave me my money back, which leads me to believe he sold it to someone else for more money. 🙁 Oh well. Glad your ending was happy!! 🙂

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