Precious Past
Joyce Skeldon is the proprietor of Precious Past and has sold antiques for over 40 years. A fourth year Junk Bonanza vendor, Joyce specializes in folk art and vintage textiles. Joyce looks forward to experiencing the friendly Junk Bonanza atmosphere and the fresh produce from Marshall’s Farm stand.

Glass Garden Art
Jen Kerr is the ‘junkerr” behind Glass Garden Art, a second year Bonanza vendor. Jen, along with her mom, make totem and birdbaths out of recycled glass. You can expect to find a wide variety of colors and sizes of glass garden totems and birdbaths in their booth this year! Jen told me she loved arriving at the Junk Bonanza each morning of the sale and seeing the new items that vendors had restocked in their booth, “it was like Santa came each evening!”

Rhubarb Co. Store
Judy Shackleford is the extraordinary owner of the Rhubarb Co. Store – a store that has been “a lot of places” as she is known as somewhat of a chameleon! For Junk Bonanza 2010 Judy is going for a ROUGH LUXE look – a rusty, industrial, refined look is what she is going for. Judy likes the yin and yang that makes a look really interesting. Judy says she “can’t think of anything else I’d rather be doing right now”. She still gets excited when she finds something like hotel silver at a flea market – for cheap!

Rivertown Antique Company
Marv and Linda Kangas, collectors for over 30 years and sellers for “only” 17 years, are the owners of Rivertown Antique Company. Fourth year Junk Bonanza vendors, the Kangas’ will be bringing lots of primitives again this year – wagon wheels with color, cupboards, pine benches, tables, milking machines and old quilts! They have fond memories of the Junk Bonanza but recall the excitement of last year at Canterbury, the BIG RUSH of shoppers when the doors opened and the excitement that shown of their faces when they saw all the fabulous items for sale!

There are exactly 10 days until Junk Bonanza 2010!

Happy Junking!


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  1. Oh Jill it’s nearly midnight here & I MUST TURN IN….Before I do though I want to say (as always) a BIG THANK YOU for sharing these AWESOME Vendors with us….So many, many talented people for me to meet….I’m going to bed with a big CAT LIKE smile on my face & my dreams….well….they’ll be of the junk variety for sure….!

    Just 8 more sleeps for me to go….SHAZZAM….!!

    Cheers for now Lovey,
    Tamarah :o)

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