See this beautiful necklace? Junk Bonanza artisan, Tamara from Sheer Addiction has offered this and so much more in her Junk Bonanza booth for the past three years.

Tamara started making jewelry from old brass parts for family members, after a store saw the pieces, a business was born! Tamara studied how to work with cold joints in Mexico and has been designing for last 10 years.

I stopped by Tamara’s booth this morning. Her pieces are gorgeous and include components of found objects from France, New York, Belgium and Italy!

Tamara designs and sells her line full time. If you are not able to come to the Junk Bonanza, you can visit her website.

Now for the BEST news…..Tamara has offered the above pictured piece as a giveaway to one lucky reader of the Junk Bonanza blog!

To enter, please leave me a comment… requirements, just a comment! If you blog or Twitter or Facebook about the giveaway, come back and leave another comment telling me you did so and you will be entered again! That’s it! Just my attempt to spread a little Junk Bonanza love around…..

Speaking of which….

Today was awesome! SO MANY Bonanza shoppers, so much energy in one place, friendly dealers, happy shoppers, great junk…..what could be better?

I love these happy faces…..many times today I heard the sentiment, “everyone is so friendly here”, and it is true, the Junk Bonanza is a happy place!

This booth was fantastic – the vendors spent much of the set-up day actually construction their booth space, complete with beautiful old tin for the walls and architectual elements for the sides and a door… thoughtful and a fabulous result!

Happy and fashionable shoppers were everywhere!

Were you there? Are you going tomorrow? I will be camping out at the Lucky Friday table for most of the day tomorrow, please stop by and say “hey”…… and if you want to win a Lucky Friday gift certificate, I take bribes in the form of mini-donuts…..I am just sayin’……
Don’t forget to enter the giveaway, I will pick a winner on Sunday, enter before midnight!

Happy Junking!


PS – I met the famous Tamarah – the junk-crazy Aussie who traveled to Junk Bonanza to get her USA junk on! She has really been my biggest and most loyal commentor on this blog. She is sweet as can be! I look forward to visiting with her more tomorrow evening at the blogger party!

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  1. What an awesome piece of jewelry! Quite the creation, I am lovin’ it! Please enter me!! Someday I hope to make it to Junk Bonanza…some day!!

  2. Beautiful necklace! I am coming to Junk Bonanza for the first time on Saturday, and am so excited!!! I will be making a stop at the Sheer Addiction booth for sure! Great piece of work.

    See you Saturday!

  3. SO EXCITED FOR THE JUNK BONANZA!! tight deadline to find a wedding gift: They’re registered at Target, Bed Bath Beyond, etc…I’m going to buy her junk! Bwahhahaha.

  4. I would definitely wear that stunning necklace everyday! Especially love the large flower, since it will be so sad to see the summer flowers disappear soon. Please “pick me” to take it home.

  5. I would love to win
    this great necklace
    from the legendary
    Tamarah, Jill! So
    fun to see your pretty
    face at the CC yesterday
    and can’t wait to
    shop JB today and take
    it all in….and to meet
    more friends tonight.
    What a wonderful few
    days this has been : ) !!
    xx Suzanne

  6. What an amazing piece!! Def. tells a story and would dress up any T, esp. for Fall!!! This year it did not work out for me to go to JB, but I am already planning for next year…and enjoy living vicariously thru All the pics 🙂 Happy Junking Ladies..Looking Frwd to many more pics 🙂 Oxoxoxo’s…Liza

  7. Morning Jill….!!

    I’m sitting in my hotel room with a GOOFY grin on my dial looking at all the TREASURES I scored from the Junk Bonanza yesterday….MAN OH MAN what a day….All I can say is JUNK BONANZA ROCKS big time & I’m SO glad I came….!!!

    It was LOVELY to finally meet you & all the BRILLIANT Vendors you’ve been profiling over the last few months….I can’t wait to get back there today & shop SOME MORE & then of course there’s the blog party tonight….WOOHOO….!

    This LOVELY necklace Tamara’s generously offered Junk Bonanza readers is STUNNING….!!

    Cheers for now FROM SHAKOPEE,
    Tamarah :o)

  8. Hi Jill,
    It was so nice meeting you yesterday! Like everyone else…I just can’t wipe the Junk Bonanza smile off my face. It was just amazing, exceed my expecatations! Now, can we talk Ki & team into having this 2x a year..once is not enough!
    I’m going to try and attend this evening so will look forward to seeing everyone! Jen

  9. I oh so wish I could attend the Junk Bonanza event. I have been drooling over Tamara’s pieces for quite some time! I would LOVE to win this piece. It reminds me of something my grand mother would have in her jewelery box. What a fantastic piece!

  10. Pick me, Pick me!! (hand raised in the air) What a gorgeous piece & talented woman! Just checking things out online before heading out there. Junk Bonanza….watch out….here I come! Can’t wait!!

  11. I;m heading out the door as we speak to the Junk Bonanza! Can’t wait to see all the loot! Will definitely check out Tamara’s booth… thanks for the giveaway! 🙂 mercedes

  12. We went on Saturday and had a great time. This has become a must-do annual event. I have just the perfect lady for this perfect necklace-my wonderful step-mother Twylla. I was so excited about this, I also spread the word via my blog and Facebook- although I would love to keep this my little secret!

  13. I stopped by her booth on Thursday & Friday, and she has such beautiful pieces at her booth! Oh and this was my first even bonanza and I LOVED it, and as you said before every one really was so friendly, I will for sure be a regular from now on!

  14. p.s. I just did some spreading around of the love here!! -I forgot to mention before that I am getting married 9-10-11 and would love to have this on with my vintage wedding dress at my vintage wedding;)!! I am really hoping that the dates next year will not fall on this weekend!!!

  15. Now that I am home from Junk Bonanza, I didn’t want to miss this amazing giveaway! Of course I stopped at Tamara’s booth. Of course I drooled over each one of her pieces.

    I thought it was more crowded this year! Alot more first timers! But, oh, there was some pretty powerful junk!

  16. As with everyone else, wish I lived closer to visit! It was great meeting you at Barn House boys! We were the girls from the Roseville, CA area. Hope to meet you again on your own turf!
    ~Katy and Colette

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