When a bunch of people who write blogs about, sell and shop for fabulous vintage wares converge in one place, there must be a party! And this year’s Junk Bonanza provided us just such an opportunity.

A BIG thanks goes to the Ann Schuster, owner of the Dunn Bros Coffee shop in Eden Prairie who hosted for our gathering along with her very accommodating employees. Located in the historic {and super charming} Smith Douglas More House, the coffee shop served as the perfect cozy spot for bloggers, shoppers and dealers to rest their weary feet and swap stories from the days events.

For many of us, who read one an other’s blogs it was the first time we had met face-to-face! Conversations were easy and friendships were made. It was so fun to be in the company of so many like-minded people!

Pictured above are bloggers, Tracey from French Larkspur, Mary from Urban Farmgirl, Traci from Traci Thorson Photography, Becky from Farmgirl Paints, Suzanne from Privet & Holly, me, Amy from Whisperwood Cottage and Junkologie, Beth from Beth Quinn Designs and Jen from Jennifer Rizzo {also pictured on the far left is Beth Quinn’s mom who traveled to show with Beth and looked to be a big help in Beth’s booth!}. thanks Tracey for the photo!

This is the sweet Margo {Robolady blog and the blog writer for Flea Market Style magazine} along with Lanette Lorsung from Cottage Elements.

Two artists – Beth Quinn and Becky from Farmgirl Paints!

The always fun and ‘posh’ women from Vintage Posh – Junk Bonanza vendors and contributors of vintage style and whimsy!

More Junk Bonanza vendors!

This was the lively table! That’s Junk Bonanza dealer Deb Haupt at the end and seated at the opposite end is the famous Tamarah {red shirt}- a junk fan who flew all the way from Australia to shop the Junk Bonanza!

As you know, bloggers are suckers for a giveaway and thanks to Ki, this party came with some great giveaways! We gave away Junk Bonanza merchandise from the Junk Revolution store to 5 lucky winners who came to the party!

** Please note ~ I did not provide links on this post to the specific bloggers sites – I have been posting links to Junk Bonanza posts on the sidebar of this blog all week long. Please visit these blogs – many of them took beautiful pictures and wrote about their Junk Bonanza experience.

Thanks to everyone who attended – it was so fun to see everyone and put a face to a name! I know for many of the dealers it was a long day so your coming made my day!
Happy Junking!

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  1. Thanks so very much Jill for hosting this great event. The location was perfect and the company, extraordinary. It was truly a great event. Looks like you capture me in the photo with Deb and Tamarah doing what I do best….eating! Ha ha! Thanks again for all your hard work. It really paid off.

  2. thanks so much for hosting the evening jill. it was amazing to meet such talented women. i also loved the coffee house. this morning i was wishing i was there again having a pumpkin cheesecake muffin. yum!

  3. I had so much fun and I didn’t take very many pics so thank you for posting these and reminding me of the fun time and friends (old and new) that I met there. And I also enjoyed getting to know you on this trip. Can’t wait to see your house someday.
    Thank you for throwing this together for us.

  4. Thank you Jill for coming up with this fun spot to have the blogging party. It was truly one of the few times I was able to visit with people the entire show, so really appreciated that you thought to do this. So glad I was able to be there, as that is when I got to meet many of the great gals that came from out of state. They are so sweet and I’m happy to have had the privilege of visiting and getting to know them thanks to you.

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