The best part of writing this blog has been getting to know the Bonanza vendors who, without their endless creativity, there would be no Junk Bonanza. My vendor profiles have posted steadily these last few months, many generating less than a few comments – could bruise the ego of many bloggers, but not me (I have other ways of knowing that YOU are reading).

My steadfast, and more than enthusiastic commenter, has been a woman named Tamarah – a junker from Australia (yes, Australia!) who is coming to her first Junk Bonanza! And while I truly believe the Junk Bonanza warrants international travel, I was more than a little curious about what was Tamarah’s story and why she was traveling so far to come to the Junk Bonanza. She agreed to an “interview” – basically I sent her my questions and she indulged me with the following answers:

Jill: Why travel all the way from Australia for the Junk Bonanza in Minnesota, USA?

Tamarah: To see Ki in action and IMMERSE myself in all think JUNK….! I want to see for myself what’s happening on the junk scene in the US…I mean I see pictures on blogs all the time from various shows but I want to see and experience things first hand. I’m SO looking forward to seeing how the show has been organzied at a grass roots level, from the size and number of booths to the catering…oh and course, to buy LOTS of junk….hahahahaha…..!

Jill: How did you come to love “junk”?

Tamarah: I acquired a love of all things ‘new to me’ from my childhood….my grandparents NEVER bought us new toys or clothes…EVERY Christmas and birthday present was something my Nana rescued or my Poppy made and our gifts were wrapped in the previous years wrapping paper. The stories my Nana told us about how these treasures came to be in her possession were wonderful and I ADORED those gifts above all others…….!!!

Jill: Any particular items you are looking for here amongst American junk?

Tamarah: Oh yes, yes, yes, yes, YES…..metal globes, baseballs, cameras, school maps, milk bottles, numbers and letters, clocks (green, cream & black), small red metal or wood wheels, keys, price tags, horse show ribbons, wooden children’s blocks, tins (cookie & candy), aluminum anything, office stuff, American flags…..ummmmm….VINTAGE STUFFED TERRIERS……

Jill: Do you think our junk differs from Australian junk?

Tamarah: Oh FOR SURE…How many of you are there…??? There’s ONLY 20 odd million of us ‘down here’…..Your HUGE population alone is enough to ensure you guys have WAY NEAT stuff & LOTS of it….PLUS your stuff is NOT influenced by the ‘Motherland’ (England)….EVERYTHING about the US is unique ESPECIALLY your junk….hahahaha….

Jill: Where do you hunt for treasures at home?

Tamarah: My absolute FAVE place to find junk is the Hard Rubbish (curbside throwouts)….Most every council in Melbourne where I live allows it’s residents to throw household ‘stuff’ on the nature strip for collection on an annual basis….I cruise the HR virtually all year round except for a few weeks over Christmas.

Jill: What has been your favorite find?

Tamarah: …..hmmmmmmm…….**scratches head** (Aside from ANYTHING galvanized), it would have to be my pink and cream fiberglass horse from my blog banner….He was originally part of a child’s rocking horse and I found him at the bottom of a pile in HR 9 years ago….I just ADORE him…So much so that when I found another on eBay, I HAD to have him…Lucky for me I won him for a TINY $40.00 and the WONDERFUL seller delivered him to my door….!!!

Jill: Are you in the junk business in Australia?

Tamarah: Not really but I’m WORKIN’ on it….I currently have a ‘pesky day job’ but it’s REALLY hard working full time when I have such an overwhelming DESIRE to junk my heart out….!!!

I recently organized the Shabby Vintage Junk Extravaganza here in Melbourne, the concept of which was based on your US shows….

A vendor meeting was held several months prior to the show and we discussed the ‘look’ I was wanting to achieve…All goods were vetted and an emphasis was placed on styling to ensure we were as far removed from the ‘norm’ as possible….The feedback from our visitors has been BRILLIANT and I’m currently working on #2 to be held in the New Year….Maybe I’ll be able to say ‘see ya later’ to ‘the pesky day job’……FINGERS CROSSED…..!!

Jill: Tell me a bit about yourself….
Tamarah: Geez….This is always a HARD one for me…..I could talk for HOURS about junk but shy away from talking about myself…hmmmmm.

I dream of being in a position where I can say goodbye to full time employment….I want to EXPLORE my creative side which will in turn allow me to feel good about my achievements at the end of the day…I’d LOVE to buy a ‘renovators dream’ in the country and fill it ‘tastefully’ with my treasures, renting it out Monday to Friday to city folk wanting a mid-week getaway….My visitors could buy pieces (furniture etc…) as a memento of their stay and then Matt and I could drive up Saturday morning and putter about…**sigh**… Speaking of Matt or Mr. SVJ as I refer to him in my blog, he is my best friend and we’ve been driving each other CRAZY for the past 13 years.

For more from Tamarah, please visit her fun blog (where the above pictures came from), Shabby Vintage Junk! I don’t think any of us will be able to miss Tamarah at the Junk Bonanza! Her love for junk and all things vintage is infectious and endearing….

Happy Junking!

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  1. I love the interview with Tamarah.Her story is so cool and how exciting for her to be able to come to the US to see junk.
    I for one never thougt about junking in another country,nore that they would have different junk.
    I read every one of your blogs,and enjoy learning about all the vendors and all the neat stuff they will be bringing to Junk Bonanza.
    Thanks for doing such a great job Ginger

  2. Oh Jill I’m THRILLED & HONOURED to be featured here on the Junk Bonanza blog….!!

    I’m literally beside myself with excitement at the prospect of meeting SO MANY like minded people in one place & seeing all your AWESOME junk….I just wish I was leaving for the US today & didn’t have to wait until the 14th September….!!

    Cheers & THANKS from Australia,
    Tamarah :o)

  3. I’ve noticed many new junker blogs from down under and think it is amazing that Tamarah is willing to travel all the way to MN for junk! How will she get her treasures home? And Tamarah, if you read this, just know that you and I will be fighting to find the same kind of junk come September! lol

    Maybe we should start some kind of junker exchange program!

  4. I have been reading Tamarah’s blog (and she has been an early supporter of mine!) and I love her enthusiasm! If she continues with shows down under,I think I might have to plan a trip…
    amy of four corners design

  5. I’m looking forward to meeting Tamarah at Junk Bonanza! I love reading her blog~ she really has an eye for junk~ and her header is my favorite ever, every time I see it, I smile!

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