It seems like the end of summer is approaching so fast! The only good thing about summer’s end is that it means the Junk Bonanza will be here soon – just about 24 days, as I write this! Please come back often for blog updates, I have a lot of vendors to profile, even some shoppers who are coming from near and far and perhaps even a guest post!

Today I would like to introduce you to three fantastic Bonanza vendors.

Third year vendor Beth Bright of Blue Star Collections began selling her own junk when it filled the space in her pole barn. Beth currently hosts four occasional sales at her own shop and does six shows on the road, including Junk Bonanza.

A lucky girl, Beth travels to France often and hopes to bring French inspiration to the Junk Bonanza this year! I know this French-loving girl will be sure to make a dash to her booth!

Beth Heeney of Green Cricket Salvage will be a first-time Junk Bonanza vendor! {insert a big Woo-hoo!}

Beth is a dedicated repurposer, she loves to turn junk into eco-friendly home goods. Last year, she purchased Ki’s playground horse and will have it at this year’s Bonanza – transformed into a “grand floor lamp”. I can’t wait to see that!

You will also be able to find salvaged barn wood leash hooks, old license plates wall sconces, vintage Fisher Price necklaces, reclaimed film reel earrings and retro LP cocktail trays.

The final vendor is also a repurposer, with especially useful products, if you live in cold weather climates like me! Donna Lystrom, of Lystrom Specialties makes mittens out of old wool sweaters. Donna is a second year vendor and loves taking something old and giving it a new life. I’m all for that!

Happy Junking!


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  1. Oh Jill I can’t WAIT to visit with these vendors….!!

    I got my suitcase down from the top of my wardrobe today….Gotta get packin’ with JUST 23 days to Junk Bonanza….WOOHOO….!!

    Tamarah :o)

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